“Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.”

Welcome Aboard

Regardless of age and perceived ability, all people are gifted. Some people open their packages earlier than others and some people need the confidence and skills to know the best ways to unpack and get organised. At TfL we are passionate about people, passionate about sustainable change and passionate about making a real difference to real people. Welcome aboard.

School programmes

Combining indoor and outdoor learning experiences, our extensive range of educational programmes provide a values-based and skills-rich platform for sustainable academic and social growth. Our programmes are suitable for both primary and secondary schools and are for all students across the age and ability range . Read more.


The Pegasus Award

The Pegasus Award is proving to be our flagship programme. Designed to create a genuine vehicle for primary,  secondary and special  schools to promote the educational continuum, it is ideal for pupils of all abilities. It promotes emotional intelligence and academic growth. Pegasus is about making pupils feel good about themselves without adding to the workload of staff. Read more.





ESF projects

Our European Social Funded funded skills support projects  are vocationally based skills programmes which have been designed to bring young people from priority groups closer to employment or further learning.’

. Read more.



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