2019 well underway… Inclusivity back in the frame!

Great to hear that Pegasus is continuing to have an impact on learners across the ability range. Lots of ‘good news’ stories reinforce our initial plan to make a learning framework which is  meaningful but simple. There’s already too many hurdles that teachers have to clear and so the simplicity of Pegasus is without doubt proving to be its strength.

For years – regardless of phase –  educators have been trying (and continue) to try to deliver accessible teaching for all. Differentiation – when done well – can ensure inclusivity in all class settings.    News that there is a renewed focus on inclusivity in schools is fabulous and not before time and we are glad that the ethos and values underpinning Pegasus are once again being sign-posted in the eyes of teaching strategists. The reward of relative progression – one of our key drivers – is inclusivity at its purest!

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