Bligh Project Day #2 – things taking shape!

Fabulous buzz amongst the team today. They seem to now appreciate that the Hollywood version of events is more than slightly flawed….but it wasn’t all Hollywood’s fault! The diary of the mutineer John Morrison was the main source of inspiration for all things linked to the Mutiny…and as Morrison hated Bligh…. it wasn’t necessarily an entirely unbiased version….and of course Bligh wasn’t present to defend himself when the mutineers were tried. Not saying Bligh was the most pleasant of people…but Hollywood’s version and popular opinion don’t tell the full story.

So how does this link to Pegasus? – Skills for Life: research; reporting; awareness of bias; teamwork; presentation skills; time keeping; communication; confidence…. Exploring the Environment: libraries; museums; out of school classrooms …and what better place to research maritime history than at a waterside archive surrounded by historical boats!



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