Happy New Year from Pegasus!!

Welcome back to another year.  2017 promises changes on a huge global scale… wouldn’t it be great if we finally get the right balance in education? Challenge and support are so crucial for outcomes and people can always do more than think they can… but let’s take this opportunity now to measure outcomes in real education and let’s stop educators at every level and school administrators from having to spend too much of their time jumping through all those inconsistent and often questionable hoops when in reality, their time should be spent on getting it right for the learners. It’s time to focus on inspiring a generation of learners rather than blinding them with often meaningless and inaccurate educational data…

At Pegasus, we work with schools across the age and ability range and it is such a delight to work with teachers who  genuinely place the learner at the centre of all they do… let’s have more of the same in 2017 …and let’s encourage the inspired and the inspiring to to open the doors to success, aspiration and self-belief!

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