Footnotes – inclusive critical thinking

Combine critical thinking – the art of breaking complexity down to manageable proportions – with an illustrated multi-layered approach to problem-solving and planning… and we get Footnotes; arguably one of the most effective ways to unlock and order the ideas of  people regardless age, experience and ability. Progress and confidence really can grow exponentially.   Footnotes is […]

Engaging Parents – a key to primary progression

This NCSL report highlights the role of positive parental involvement in primary progression. All our programmes are underpinned by the message that parental contribution and regular 2-way communication constantly reinforces the message that we’re all in this together. The symbiotic relationship between home, school and the pupil are crucial to real, sustainable progress.

…Massed Learning…or Spaced Learning?…it’s a no brainer!

“….the capacity to learn huge amounts of information does not require any natural ability – just technique, and a healthy dose of motivation.”   Ed Cooke, a 31-year-old British “memory champion” argues the case to approach exam revision in a sustainable and structured manner.

Revision Delegation…same message…but different…

There’s only so many ways that teaching staff can convince students of the need to prepare fully for their exams. Revision Delegation is our way of reinforcing the same message….but we add a twist. Creating a revision conference, this programme leaves student delegates with a renewed focus on the whys, the hows and the whens surrounding […]