St Maddern’s end on a sunny high

We were delighted to have been invited to St Maddern’s prize giving and awards ceremony. Like last year, the sun shone brightly and the efforts of the children were rewarded in fine style. Congratulations to Headteacher Helen Pearce and her team who provide an incredibly supportive and caring learning environment which is balanced with the call […]

Pegasus and Share a Meal with Volunteer Cornwall and the UN

With many of our programmes drawing to a close for the summer term, we have been busy attending award ceremonies and endeavouring to make sure that our centres all receive their certificates and medals in time…. we’re nearly there! Like so many issues globally, we  are better together and accordingly, we are constantly developing our broad network of […]

To understand how to succeed…we must understand why we fail

A number of our school-led and buy-in programmes are drawing to a close and we are busy making sure everyone has their certificates and medals ready for presentation. We are looking forward with great excitement to these ceremonies across all educational phases and we hope to have some fabulous photos in the coming weeks. One […]

St Day Primary….all systems go for a Pegasus start

Wonderful time with the staff at St Day this week. It’s always a pleasure and incredibly refreshing  to meet with teaching staff who rarely get the praise and credit they deserve. Their passion and commitment is proof enough that there are good people in the world who genuinely try to offer others the very best opportunities. […]

Redruth Awards Ceremony

Well done to the Redruth Pegasus group who were presented their Pegasus Bronze Awards by Headteacher Craig Martin last week. We were also thrilled to welcome Rose Taylor from Volunteer Cornwall who explained how through their Pegasus volunteering, their efforts were being time banked and used to fund food and water for those less fortunate […]

Penrice Pegasus Group getting back to their Roots…and they met the Marines too!   Always good to hear updates from Laura Seberry’s Pegasus group at Penrice. Last week they met with the Remembering our Roots team and got out into the woods and we’ve just heard that the Marines came in today and supported the group in a way which only the Marines can! Fabulous to hear […]