“People rarely succeed unless they have
fun in what they are doing.”

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The Pegasus Award

Much is said about the educational continuum and the need to create a seamless link for children as they progress from primary education to secondary and  there’s also an awful lot being said about the workload being placed on teachers.  For over 7 years, our design and delivery team – whose experience spans all education phases – has been working on the development of a programme aimed at promoting sustained academic and social development without placing teaching and support staff under even more pressure.

The Pegasus Award was initially aimed at young people aged 8 to 14 but since its launch it has been adopted by centres working with learners from the age of 5 up to adult. What has become explicitly clear is that due to its flexibility, Pegasus can remove barriers to learning and offer opportunities to people regardless of their age and ability and it’s a delight to see centres adapt it to suit their specific settings.  It provides a vehicle through which teachers, youth workers and staff involved with learners of all ages can reward effort and attainment in line with existing target-setting approaches and – as it spans all educational phases – provides an ideal opportunity for partnership schools and centres to work together in a coherent and meaningful manner.

Pegasus continues to enjoy very positive feedback from staff and participants and as it also involves the support of parents, it is proving to be an effective way for schools and centres to show academic and social progress whilst strengthening links with home.

A key principle during the development of Pegasus and its subsequent launch was the need to keep costs realistic and with annual affiliation fees little more than the price of 1 day’s supply cover, we have been true to our word and our existing Pegasus centres are more than happy with that!

The real benefit of Pegasus lies in its flexibility as it can be applied and adapted to suit all learning environments. Its 4-strand framework can work in whole group settings for learners  across the age and ability range: it is ideal to promote and sustain engagement for pupils preparing for SATs and GCSEs alike. Similarly, it is being used for identified cohorts such as Pupil Premium students and it also fits with SEND demands for either small group work or for 1:1 intervention regardless of age..


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The framework is proving very successful in a range of educational settings and has received support from a number of funding bodies who acknowledge the value of developing the framework to provide meaningful and sustainable opportunities for learning. We are particularly grateful to the European Social Fund and West Cornwall Youth Trust – both of whom have been with TfL Training from the very start back in 2007.



Pegasus: Over the course of time Pegasus  – the winged stallion –  has symbolised a range of attributes which collectively reflect the ethos of the award. These include wisdom, creativity, inspiration and – when surmounted by the warrior Bellerophon – strength and resilience.

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs
you of the chance of being extra ordinary.”