Redruth Y7 Pegasus Group: Trencrom Bonding

Well done to the Redruth Y7 Pegasus group today on Trencrom. A day’s bonding – getting to know each other and to understand the need to really take-on board the key Pegasus ethos and values: bottom line – nothing will happen unless you take control… and whilst you might know what your targets are…. these will remain pipe dreams unless you take a proactive approach to achieving them. Special thank you to Miss Maisie Fuller – Y7 pastoral lead who – whilst trying to help a stranded student – ended-up in the largest puddle of horse and cow poo going! Her response was phenomenal – ‘so what? – let’s get on with it’ No fuss, no bother, no tears! Brilliant.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.21.29

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