“We as parents of a young man doing this absolutely fantastic course….we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you all have done for him.  He has gained self value from being helpful and the rewards it brings and most importantly he has grown in confidence. He’s had a tough time the last few weeks and what this group has taught him is invaluable to say the least. He’s come out of his shell and attempted things he would never have thought of and as they say, this course has been ” the best thing since sliced bread “. Each and every one involved we thank you. We hope you continue to grow in all schools and for sure, we think it’s the best thing that’s happened and  for the experience he’s gained,  we thank you.  Long may you continue to grow TfL (Pegasus )”.


“It has been incredibly positive to witness pupils who are taught at home and have struggled to leave the home environment taking the opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve targets outside of home. Pegasus has been key in providing the motivation for these pupils to engage in outdoor activities”. 

R-A C – Learning Support Mentor

“We’re pulling the targets together and will celebrate their achievements at the end of the Summer Term. There really is huge potential for Pegasus within special schools as it allows us to recognise and reward individual development and progression across all key areas; particularly helpful in life after Levels!”

RA – Deputy Headteacher

“I got a lot from Pegasus: I was going off the rails and it put me back on track. My confidence has grown a lot… before Pegasus I wasn’t the most sociable of students but now I have the confidence to speak up for myself. Before the programme I was getting 3 detentions a week and was often put into isolation but now I have only been in trouble once!”

M- Pegasus Participant aged 13

“Thanks for the First Aid – I think it’s really important that we learn how it’s done [CPR].” 

J – Pegasus Participant aged 9

“Pegasus has really helped me in lessons with my learning but people should only do it if they are committed to it!”

L – Pegasus Participant aged 14

“Pegasus showed me that I only need to make small changes if I want to make big positive changes.”

J – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“I like Pegasus because our teacher has started to give us different activities to do in class which are good fun and I like the way we get a medal at the end.”

A-M – Pegasus Participant aged 7

“Pegasus is a great opportunity to work with others. I liked being able to work indoors and outside and it was fun but hard work. If you want to get the most from it, you must be prepared to engage and commit yourself to it.”

M – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“It’s really good – it helped me to learn to ride my bike.”

S – Pegasus Participant aged 7

“I really enjoyed Pegasus. I like the medals and I’m glad I can wear them at school.”

D – Pegasus Participant aged 8

“Pegasus has helped me to build my confidence. I liked it because of the new experiences and I recommend it to shy people.”

C – Pegasus Participant  aged 13

“Revision Delegation is motivational and perfectly pitched. Well-supported stories and experiences send a strong message in the context of exam preparation…and the feedback was excellent. Thanks – a great way to prepare our examination groups.”

CB – Head of Year

“Thank you for all your hard work…the help…the encouragement and support: they are all priceless. We would like to wish you all the best for Pegasus and hope that it continues to grow. You are an inspiration to one and all.

T and M – Parents


“An engaging workshop which reinforced the messages previously given but with the added bonus of it being delivered by someone external to the school with a wealth of experience. The students came out with some practical ideas to move them forward…and it was well-received by them.”

RF – Head of Year 11

“I find it very difficult to sum-up how positive the Pegasus programme has been on my students. It’s almost unbelievable how some of them  have changed. The impact it has had on one particular student has been very impressive as he now wants to get involved in all sorts of activities; before hand he would do all he could to hide and avoid conversation. He seems quite a different person now.

AW – Head of Year

“I’m going to use the loci method in English and Geography because the visual imagery helps me to remember detail.”

J – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“I like the loci method as I find placing things along a journey makes it easier for me to remember things. I think it will help me in English as it will help me to remember techniques.”

M – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“We covered Learning to Learn as part as our skills for life. I really like the  Learning Images approach because it helps me to remember things. I forget things usually – so this is good news. The Loci method was crazy; I’m going to use this as it’s really funny!”

M – Pegasus Participant aged 14

“When I started Pegasus, I really had no confidence – I was at about 3 out of 10. We have now finished it and I feel about 7 out of 10. I think that’s pretty good in only 10 weeks!”

 D – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“Revision Delegation was a huge hit with the students. The presentation was aimed at just the right level and balanced the need to prepare for exams with the need to vary approaches to revision. I wish we’d done this earlier!”

Head of Year 11

“This is an experience that I just don’t want to end.”

S – Pegasus Participant aged 12

“This has really helped with my confidence. I get more involved in class and I know that I can ask for help.”

K – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“When we did the archery on Pegasus, it really helped me to see that the target is like my life goal and that small adjustments can have a huge impact.”

S – Pegasus Participant aged 12

“This programme is really good for me as it helps me to learn from my mistakes.”

M – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“Pegasus is really good for her self esteem…. she comes out buzzing.”

KN  – Parent

“Pegasus – great! I’m a completely new person.”

S – Pegasus Participant aged 12

“Volunteering really is a meaningful activity and has the potential to change children’s attitudes at a crucial stage in their development.”

JW – Headteacher

 ‘It’s amazing (Pegasus). I really had no idea my mum and dad did so much work around the  house.”

A – Pegasus Participant aged 13 years

“Pegasus! Fab stuff – important to promote education as something that happens everywhere, not just in the classroom.”

CP-T – English Teacher

“Really impressed with their ability to recall their targets: they really are enjoying and engaging with the programme.”

AW, Head of Year

“Pegasus is great – 10 out 10.  It helps us to improve the things that matter in life”.

L – Pegasus Participant aged 13

“It’s just so much fun…and it’s going to really help my maths.”

T – Pegasus Participant aged 12 years

“Thank you so much. P.. had the best time. She’s made a new friend and she feels she’s ready for her new school.”

JR  – Parent

“What a team you are! It’s no wonder S.. looks-up to you all. Thank you!”

TP – Parent