Welcome back to some form of schooling…

Dear all,

we know that a number of our Pegasus centres have been working throughout Lockdown – whether providing in-school support to the children of Key Workers; providing food banks; online learning or any form of pupil-focused intervention. Needless to say – as teachers ourselves – we know that the job never gets done and it’s testament to the ethos and values that underpin our profession that when the chips are down, teachers up and down the land will dig-in a deliver whatever it can for the good of our pupils. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do whilst we have the shadow of Covid looming over us.

Some Pegasus centres have made contact and please be assured that we are still afloat and have every intention of being so once the new normality kicks-in. We are obviously dependent upon suppliers for our resources and certificates but please be assured that we are doing all we can to minimise any delay  in getting these printed and delivered to you whenever the need arises.

We do need to order folders based on demand so if you know of any numbers for next year, please do let us know when you can. Similarly, when you are ready for your medals and certificates, do let us know – ideally on an excel spreadsheet so that we can arrange for the certificate turn around to minimised. To adhere to GDPR compliance, please do send any personal information by secure means such as Egress.


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